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By Rekbhk

Is there a site or sites that anyone knows of that specifically identifies plants from photos you send in? Thanks much. The Ill send along is a tall grass and grows grow along a wetland area and are about 2 1/2 to 3' tall.




Hi Rekbhk, here :) Upload a photograph along with your question and we will do our best to identify the plant for you.

28 Jul, 2007


Common Water Rush I think.

30 Jul, 2007


Thanks much,,, that sort of fits, they are growing by a pond area.

30 Jul, 2007


Hi Rekbhk I had something like that It turned out to be very invasive and unchecked would smother other plants, seeded everywhere!

30 Jul, 2007


Thanks much. This appears to not be evasive because I have actully trie to get it to grow in other areas and have only been mildly successful. It is really a pretty grass in fall and reminds you of the color of wheat whens its ripe. Tanks again.

30 Jul, 2007


Ah then yours is not the same - it looked darker in the photo.

31 Jul, 2007

How do I say thanks?

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