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Why won't my Mexican Orange Blossom bloom?


By Marcie

United States Us

I have had my shrub in the ground for about 5 years. It looks great and has gotten quite big, the problem is that it has never bloomed. Any suggestions?



iQuite often when Shrubs dont bloom its because they are growing too lushly.or are in shade. Try giving a feed of Tomato or Rose fertilizer, this provides Potash and phosphorus that encourage flowering.

15 Jul, 2009


Are you giving your Chioisya a trim before it has flowered? If you wish to prune this should be done after flowering.

16 Jul, 2009


Mine is a bit younger than yours - it had its first flower buds earlier this year, but they got frosted! I'm hoping for more flowers later on, as Choisyas often flower twice a year. Fingers crossed!

16 Jul, 2009


If it's the golden leaf one it doesn't always flower. I had one that took a good few years to flower and even then it was not like the green leaf.

16 Jul, 2009

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