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Can anyone recommend a zone 6 hardy flowering shrub that likes wet feet but can tolerate dry conditions, too?


By Lisann

Maryland, United States Us

I have a row of forsythia that due to common community drainage changes are 'taking a hit' with water; especially when we have heavier rains like this year. My soil has been tilled but it is nearly all clay.

I believe the forsythia closest to the path of the water is the hardest hit. It is the one on the right side of the picture. I would like to move it and replace it with something that actually likes these conditions.

Any ideas? If at all possible, I'd appreciate a late summer bloomer.

Thanks SO MUCH!




That's a tall order - plants usually like either damp conditions, or dry, but I can't think of anything that doesn't mind both, except really boring and not particularly attractive things like possibly Prunus laurocerasus

16 Jul, 2009


Hi, Bamboo:

Thanks for the suggestion. I just planted a 'spotted laurel'; Aucuba japonica Crotonifolia in the front yard near where the sump pump outflows.

I have not seen the 'English Laurel';Prunus laurocerasus in our nurseries but I will look for them now!

Is there a particular type (cultivar?) you would recommend that won't get too large of a spread or that will tolerate shaping? I need the approximate spread of the forsythia back there which seems to be about 7 foot high and about 6 foot across.


16 Jul, 2009



17 Jul, 2009


Don't get prunus laurocerasus then - gets huge. What about the Mahonias? There are ones that get this high, plus others smaller - it's fairly tolerant. Only other thing that puts up with almost anything is Leycesteria, though its deciduous. I still think, though, that you will have difficulty getting anything to stay alive thats alternately dust dry or standing in water. Desert plants might survive that though!

17 Jul, 2009

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