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Sunflower seeds for birds

Florida, United States Us

My sunflowers are spent. I have been drying the heads. The seeds are coming out very nicely. I am saving some to replant next year. But my question, I want to feed the birds! Do they need to be "baked" or do the birds like them just as they are? Keep them on the head and let the birds pick them out themselves? Thanks! Pat




My neighbour was talking about this yesterday she takes the head of and just lays it on the grass or bird table and lets the birds do the rest

must be amazing to watch
am going to do the same should make good pictures

x x x

16 Jul, 2009


Best if you can wedge them in the branches of a tree, though, safer for the birds, even a small tree. You don't need to do anything with them otherwise

16 Jul, 2009


Thanks! I have enough trees and it will be fun to get my pics. As I said I also enjoy photography and scrapbooking and especially love doing plant life and birds. Have a great day both of you. PS: what is a bird table? Is it exactly what it sounds like? I have birdfeeder all over but a low table might be just a bit too enticing for DC (my cat)

16 Jul, 2009


Bird table yes its a table for birds, you can make them in trees or hanging ones. Or high up in case of your cats,Great for getting good pictures as they can sit on it. Some have rooves aswel
enjoy your day also
x x x

16 Jul, 2009


Well then, I have one! My son made it for me. I will get a picture of it for you. I will just call it a bird table from now on. LOL Pat

16 Jul, 2009





16 Jul, 2009


You wouldn't think there'd be a language barrier, would you? Most bird tables here are on long poles, at least 6 to 8 feet high, to keep the cats off, but I have one without a pole, and with a roof, lashed to the bars of my balcony for the birdies.

16 Jul, 2009


Wow your sunflowers are stunning! I grew them with great success one year but I've never been able to repeat that which seems a bit not being able to boil an egg!! Iwould leave them in the head & secure it somewhere high & solid like a tree as already suggested. :0)

16 Jul, 2009


I am laughing! A language barrier between English speaking friends. I am going to visit my daughter & her family in Jacksonville tomorrow (she has twin boys turning 7 in a week), will spend the night at the beach and then go to a swim meet the boys are in Sat a.m. then back home. But I will get that pic of my bird table. It is up on tall poles, our son made it for us. My owl came back tonight! Have a good Friday and I will be back with you soon. Pat Fluff, I don't know about sunflowers. I planted about 50 seeds and got about 30 plants so.... try again! they are magnificent.

17 Jul, 2009

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