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are prunus avium cherries edible


By Pamg

east midlands, United Kingdom Gb

I did as bulbaholic said and the dark red are not as good as my stella cherry but not bad, the peaches & cream ones are more acidic --slightly green apple taste,maybe the dark one isn't avium but its certainly a tall tree! thank you forall your helpful replies



Apparently they are, though they may be quite astringent and not that pleasant raw.

16 Jul, 2009


Technicaly the fruit of the Bird Cherry is edible.
Feel free to try one and then come back and tell us if you ate a second. I have bitten into one and spit it out quickly. They are not astringent but I have my own opinion of the flavour.

16 Jul, 2009


I only used the word astringent cos I was trying to be tactful, Bulbaholic!!

16 Jul, 2009


Make good jam though...

16 Jul, 2009


Prunus avium is the Gean or Wild Cherry, Prunus padus is the Bird Cherry. :-)

18 Jul, 2009


Oh! So it is, Fractal. I did not check the name before answering and got myself confused.
Pam, my appologies for confusing the two different trees.

19 Jul, 2009


I think that I may have one of each, the black fruited tree is much the bigger-- and sweeter!

19 Jul, 2009


Geans are great to eat,we used to have a huge one in the back garden and eventually had to have it cut down as it just got too big... I miss the cherries but not the wasps.

19 Jul, 2009

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