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My garden plants look great, but there are few or no vegetables?


By Robbin

United States Us

Potatoes have very tall, strong green tops with one or two potatoes. Zucchini is rotting at about 3 inches. Peas are very tall with few pods.



Is your garden shaded, or are the veg. plants shaded by other things? That could explain the tall green growth. Vegetables generally like full light and don't do well in shade. The courgettes rotting is often due to the flower not being pollinated properly and/or the flower rotting and infecting the end of the courgette. Just pull it off and others will soon form. The potatoes may bulk up later on if this is a late variety. You normally wait to harvest when they have flowered and the tops begin to die down. Peas should flower and produce pods eventually. Which variety are they? Some peas are tall varieties which only really produce once they've reached four or five feet.

17 Jul, 2009


Have you had better results in previous years or is this your first time? If the former, then maybe your soil is exhausted and need some manure. If the latter, then it might just be some patience you need lol

17 Jul, 2009

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