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By Dleo

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I love my cytisus battandieri and don't know how to trim it so it keeps a tree like shape. I bought it quite young and have had it approx 5 years. I have it staked but The main trunk is curved over.



This normally is a rounded bushy shrub rather than a tree shape

30 Sep, 2012


Unfortunately, the only pruning this shrub will tolerate is a light clipping immediately after flowering, to remove spent flowers and taking about an inch of green foliage. If it has developed a bend in the main trunk, it cannot be corrected now - major cutting into old wood may cause death.

30 Sep, 2012


Many thanks for your advice. I did buy it as a standard but will continue to prune as advised as it is still lovely and healthy and I get lots of flowers.

30 Sep, 2012

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