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Primula vialii
Dividing - do these Primula divide and take as easy as other primulas? I know they are fussy plants but they have survived in my garden for 2 years now and are forming good sized clumps. Thanks.



as far as I am aware the answer is yes they will divide just like P denticulata.

29 Sep, 2012


Crikey, I have difficulty just keeping them alive so division has never come into it!

29 Sep, 2012


Strange that bulbaholic because ive grown some from seed and they came up like mustard and cress. Ive got over a hundred sitting in plug trays down the garden totally neglected and they look super.

Got some mature ones at work too and would say they would divide....probably best about now just before they die down.

30 Sep, 2012


thanks all - I will divide one clump this year and see what happens. I'd hate to loose them all.
Thanks SBG - I've found P. Denticulata take very easy so fingers crossed :)
Bulba - that's a shame. I presume you mean that they don't come back the following year or do they die soon after planting?
Andy - thanks for that, I'll do them this week. Do you collect your own seed or buy?

30 Sep, 2012

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