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What pumpkin to take off or not


By Jason15

United Kingdom Gb

I am for the first time trying to win the large pumpkin class in the local village show, i have a really healthy plant with 3 basketball size fruits all on different runners, i have knocked off any small fruits and have cut off any side runners from the main plant, i have also earthed over the runners of the ones that are fruiting, do i keep all 3 fruits or gamble with just 1 or 2.

Thanks in advance



Have you only the one plant Jason?...... by the sounds of it you only have the one, which is a pity! perhaps you should take the gamble......good luck!

17 Jul, 2009


yes just the one thats the rule of the comp, should i leave it for now or will that stunt the growth?

17 Jul, 2009


I can understand only one entry....but surely you can grow more than one plant...or have I misunderstood...?
I'm no expert on pumpkin growing...but if it were me ...I would take the chance and give the one fruit the best chance I could......I'd wait until one of the veg experts comes along and see what they think....

17 Jul, 2009


i would take the gamble

17 Jul, 2009


Use lots of fertiliser!

17 Jul, 2009


I'd just leave the one fruit - otherwise the plant's energy is being divided three ways.

17 Jul, 2009


thanks for all the advice, ambealice yes it was only one plant per entrant so i have to go with what i got. i have used loads of fertilizer and its planted on a pit that has been rotting down all winter and am feeding with loads of comfrey and netle tea. but which do i cut off the first , second or third????? the 3rd looks best at the moment. is this normal.

19 Jul, 2009


Remove the 2 smallest - good luck with it! :-)

21 Jul, 2009


Thanks Sid
I have removed the smallest to leave 2 which are growing well, i noticed the one i have removed had rooted would this not feed both fruits??

21 Jul, 2009


The pumpkin - the actual fruit - had rooted??!! Not heard of that before - weird. I suppose it's possible for a stem that has touched the ground to form roots and, true enough, those roots would feed the plant. However, the food/nutrients in the soil surrounding the plant are finite and therefore the two sets of roots/plants would be in competition with one another. You've done the right thing.

23 Jul, 2009

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