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do carrots and lettuces grow in winter


By Doogle

basingstoke, United Kingdom Gb

i have recently planted some carrots and lettuces my lettuces are shoting up but he main question i do carrots and letuces grow in winter



You can grow a winter lettuce such as Winter Density, Arctic King or All the year Round through the autumn and winter. Protect with cloches if you can. Plant the seeeds in early autumn and plant out when large enough. They grow more slowly than the summer ones and you will lose some to slugs. Put them in to relace summer veg such as courgettes or beans.

17 Jul, 2009


Hey i have"nt tried to grow in winter but i think it must be possible as long as the veg is kept under cover & providing theres no severe frost, after all our winters are getting milder. ;) is that your mum on your pic ?? .

17 Jul, 2009


no its not its my sister.coz i dont have a picture of myself

17 Jul, 2009


You can leave carrots in the ground overwinter covered with fleece and straw. But if you are asking if you can start growing them in winter then no not really. Sow in March or April where you live. You can sow salad leaves (work better for us than straight lettuce) throughout the year. David starts a pot in the greenhouse and then plants out as it gets warmer. Right now we've got a container by the back door which he has just reseeded with salad leaves, plus a couple of rows in the ground which will be ready soon.

17 Jul, 2009


Hi Doogle - I've been reading your questions and I thought you might find this helpful:-
You can 'sign up' to get a news letter that tells you when to sow what. My latest newsletter says it's still ok to sow carrots, so I'm going to sow some this weekend where there's a gap where some lettuces were. I'm also going to sow some more lettuces :-) If you really want to be growing something over the winter, then broad beans can be sown in autumn or you could plant some cabbages - buying plugs is easiest and quite cheap - and they'll be ok through the winter.

17 Jul, 2009


I have sown some lettuce and carrots today as well as radish and beetroots.

17 Jul, 2009


And keep sowing spinach beet for at least another month, if not more. It's a great catch-crop.

18 Jul, 2009

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