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HelpI flagged someone.i didn't know it meant a warning. I thought it was a way of adding to a favorit list or something.


By Rhodea

Canada Ca

I meant to tag it.



Use the contact us section at the bottom of the page to tell the management you've made a mistake and exactly what you did.

17 Jul, 2009


Oh blimey, don't tell me it was me you flagged! If I get struck off, I'll know why....

17 Jul, 2009


dont worry they will see by your comment that it was a mistake. this happened to me earlier on and it didnt matter. the person i flagged is still on the site and going well.

17 Jul, 2009


The term 'flag' is one of the downsides of the site. Most of us think that to flag someone or an entry means that we like it rather than the reverse.
Poor Bamboo, been nice knowing you!!!! :-)
Don't worry, either of you, I am sure that it will be OK.

17 Jul, 2009


Funny thing Rhodea I've just left a comment on your other question about flagging comments etc. Don't worry Ajay and Peter are expert at understanding non comuter peoples mistakes, hey, they let me on here.....Twice :~))

19 Jul, 2009


Thank you all for the help.I guess I can't edit my profile picture...hmmm maybe I can change it?

19 Jul, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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