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By David

Fife, Scotland Sco

I was just wondering if any members have visited Ryton Organic Gardens near Coventry, Warwickshire, home of the above charity/association? It looks amazing, and wonder if it would be worth making a detour for, on my next trip south.



David & I visited years ago and would love to go again - distance is the problem

18 Jul, 2009


I probably went about 5 years ago. I really enjoyed my visit to Ryton - I was there quite a while and only reluctantly left because my husband was tired and we had to drive back to London that day.

It's such a shame that Garden Organic sold Yalding.

18 Jul, 2009


CV8 3LG is the centre's postcode - Warwickshire, in case like me, anyone else was wondering where on earth it is (i had guessed it was that seedbank place in Kent - WRONG!)

David, I'd be really interested in going. I'm SW of Brum, so need to work out my route, not driven over that way b4...

18 Jul, 2009


Yes, Moon grower, wish it was closer to us.

Thanks, Elleme, I didn't know about Yalding :-(

Many Thanks, Weeding. Sorry I confused you. You'll see that I have updated my question above, now. :-)

18 Jul, 2009


If you are going south it would be well worth making a detour for

18 Jul, 2009


Many THanks, Moon grower, I am enjoying what I'm reading about this place. :-)

18 Jul, 2009


Make sure to pick up some weird and wonderful seeds while you're there. :)

19 Jul, 2009


Oh, yes, Elleme, good point, Many Thanks. I've read about their heritage seeds. :-)

19 Jul, 2009



20 Jul, 2009


Yes I have been as this is where I live lol its a very interesting place.

Also you can take the children to Baginton just up the road from there, follow the signs for Baginton and James will love the old areoplanes which they can go to see even from the side of the road in the airport, also across from that a bit futher down is the old roman fort where they take the children from schools also open to the public, just around the corner from there on the other side of the road is Russels garden centre , which has a quarry garden which you do have to pay for entry but not the garden, some times
Brian one of the owners (brothers ) has the displays of the large sulptures some times, my sister knows them very well lol he he!!! You then can cross over the road and take the children to the old Mill at Baginton which is a public house and restrant, with a watermill you can sit out side on the decking and look at the river that surrounds you, lovely place.

6 Nov, 2009

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