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shaded area


By Babsal

Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a large tre shaded area with sandy soil which dries out very quickly and am looking for some perennial flowering plants. Any help appreciated.



If you're not prepared to put a sprinkler on it regularly (sandy soil and tree, killer combination for dryness) about the only things that will grow there will be Hypericum calcycinum and ivies. If you are able, and are prepared to water regularly, then there are other things you can use. Let me/us know if you can do the watering and I'll give you another list of plants!

18 Jul, 2009


you could get a palm tree

18 Jul, 2009


I grow quite a lot in shade. look at my plant profile and see if any are suitable.

18 Jul, 2009


Some of the Geraniums (Cranesbill's, not the "Geraniums" your gran has on the kitchen windowsill) are good especially G. machorrizum and G. x cantabrigiense.

18 Jul, 2009


Doogle, what do you mean "you could get a palm tree"?

18 Jul, 2009

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