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How do I over winter Geraniums and Fuscias



Depends if you have facilities to put them under cover.
Both need to be kept on the dry side and protected from frost. Greenhouse or conservatory is the best solution.
Geraniums will be happy on a windowsill if you have room.
Another year, take cuttings from them in August which can be overwintered in the house in a smaller space! If they have to be outside protect the pots as well as you can from frost and wet, put them in as sheltered a place as you can find and stand them on pot feet or little stones to aid drainage if they do get wet. They are semi succulent and will rot in cold wet conditions. Shorten them back too. It depends too where you live - it helps if you can put your county on your profile page!

Fuchsias - hardy ones will be OK in the ground if planted with the crowns several inches below ground level and well mulched with dry leaves, straw, bracken etc. (Remove it in spring as slugs may shelter there and eat the young shoots) Tops will probably die off but new shoots will appear, probably after you have given them up for dead!
Tender ones can be allowed to dry off- the leaves will fall. Then keep them dry and frost free somewhere (I've used the top a wardrobe!). In March bring them into the light, cut back to a few inches, water gently and spray the old stems remaining with tepid water. Repot when new growth well established.

Failing this, try taking some cuttings now, in a small jar of water and pot up when (and if!) roots appear. Hopefully you can find somewhere to keep several small pots in the house if necessary?)
Good luck.

30 Sep, 2012

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