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i purchased a peach tree last year. i was told it was not quite 2 years old. I have had lots of blossom this year but only 3 fruit. Two have dropped off, but this is not the problem, just background information. The tree is really flourishing, but it mus

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Prunus Persica



The flowers may have been caught with light frost overnight and so have not set any fruit.

Regarding general care and cultivation, they can be kept in a container, especially the dwarf types. Best in a compost with some loam in it such as John Innes no3. Move up in pot size in stages with a year or two between until you get to tub size. Long term it may need to be planted.

Peaches are generally quite hardy trees and while dormant, can take arctic conditions, it's the relatively early flowers that can be a problem leaving them open to frost damage where they will not set fruit.

18 Jul, 2009

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