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For the first time I have gerown Sweet Williams from seed. They are now 2/3" tall. Should I plant them in the garden NOW or overwinter them in the cold frame and plant out in the spring?



I'm going to plant mine out Barbara, but mine are rather bigger.(Seeds from a GOY exchange!) Why not do half and half and see what happens?

30 Sep, 2012


thanka for that barb; now i know what to do with my lot

30 Sep, 2012


I also have planted them out. didn't realise that when i grew them from seed and planted them out that they weren't going to flower then so had them in through the cold weather till the summer when they flowered. Mine seemed to be absoultely fine.

1 Oct, 2012


They will flower better and be bigger plants if you plant them out now. Make sure that they are hardened off properly first or they will get a shock and refuse to grow!

5 Oct, 2012

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