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Calamondin poser ?


By Lila160

United Kingdom Gb

I have an Orange plant which has both Oranges and Lemons growing, is this unusual or quite common , i have attached some pictures.

thanks Lila Harrison

On plant calamondin




It could be the tree's original rootstock was a lemon and the tree has sprouted some growth from the rootstock.

Rootstocks (lemon) will often outgrow the top that is grafted onto it if it is given a chance. If you can determine that the orange is still there you can cut away the "lemon" and restore the orange.

Apparently it can affect the taste of the oranges too and the fruit production of the orange.

Best to remove the lemon branch and keep removing it when it grows back

The lemons may also not be particularly pleasant either, even thou they are lemons!

18 Jul, 2009

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