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Fuchsias in containers, will it be safe to take in as they are or should i pot them up??? Non are hardy varieties.




As long as they're protected from frost it doesn't matter. I take mine in as they are, and repot in the spring .... but it doesn't really matter.

1 Oct, 2012


Same here

1 Oct, 2012


I take my plants indoors and repot them into the next sized pot down, defoliate and tidy up the branches!

I use this method for a couple of reasons e.g.

They take up less space, I ensure the root ball is free of vine weevil larva and I can start them up easier.

To leave them in the pots I feel creates the ideal places for the weevil to develop by feeding on the roots.

Plus I do not check growth at the start up stage, so they get off to a good start.

In this way I tend to get cutting material sooner!

Once I have taken the cuttings I pot them up again and tidy up the branches relative to new growth,i.e. I cut out any dead wood!

1 Oct, 2012


Thanks guys,
sounds good, have pots ready to got and racking is up.

1 Oct, 2012

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