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notts yorkshire almost, United Kingdom Gb

explain how you use bamboo as a water clarifier for ponds ?????????????/?/



It tends to be reeds and types of grasses.
But i only know a little about the actual filtration of grey water rather thanfiltration in ponds of pond water!

Googles best bet, pond reed filtration
or something like that

19 Jul, 2009


It is usually wheat or barley straw in bundle that is used to keep a pond clear - never heard of using bamboo tohugh

19 Jul, 2009


Yes barley straw! I thought question meant how do you filter the pond water to keep it clean!

19 Jul, 2009


Rabbitman, which question were you actually asking? 'Cause B has some knowledge of filtration of grey water using reeds etc. Otehrwise it is the good old bundle of barley straw to keep your pond clear

20 Jul, 2009


okay it was just something somebody said about bamboo i though it a little strange as i know about reed filtration i actually use a reed bed as a final filter for my pond .

22 Jul, 2009

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