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Peppers and chillies

essex, United Kingdom Gb

Can I move them to a sunnier site?



Should be fine in a sunnier position although i dont know where they are now!
Just keep them watered and watch out incase they are in a too sunnier position! The leaves will brown around the edge if they are

19 Jul, 2009


mine seem to thrive on the hotter the better as long as hydrated, I tend to spray them all over in hot weather and keep the greenhouse moist and 'bouyant'

19 Jul, 2009


Not too moist or else you will get mildew! or too dry and get two spotted mite/red spider mite

19 Jul, 2009


Thanks for your replies. At the mo they are on my veg plot. The pepper plant has one pepper on it and some flowers. The chillie has a few fruit but when I brushed against it one fell off. Both plant are not that much bigger than when I bought them. I didn't realise when I planted them how shaded they would be by the other plants around them.

20 Jul, 2009

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