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I was wondering about compost?

Massachusetts, United States Us

I was thinking of trying potatoes in containers next spring and i was wondering what does the compost consist of and where to get it as I cant make my own compost pile because of apartment living and very limited spacePlease help?



Hi Lovegreen, Here in the UK we get 'growbags' which are a general compost. These are excellent for growing potatoes in, simply stand on end, cut off the top and plant your potatoes. If you have access to some good topsoil then this would be just as good, fill a plastic sack and plant as with the growbag! Good luck with these as there is nothing like the taste of fresh home grown veg. :~)) Dont forget to put some drainage holes in the bottom !!
PS. potatoes will take up around 2-3 feet each.

20 Jul, 2009


I always grow my potatoes in plastic tubs abount 18" in diameter and two to three foot high. Place some crocks or pieces of polystyrene in the bottom ( after making sure that there are drainage holes there). Add about six inches of multipurpose compost; place your potatoes on the top of the compost and add a further six inches of compost. Keep adding compost as the leaves appear making sure that you don't cover the leaves completely. Stop when you reach the top of the pot. Water well as they grow and then wait for the best potatoes you have ever tasted. I find first earlies the best.

20 Jul, 2009

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