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Clematis "Armandii" didn't flower - any ideas?

South Lanark, United Kingdom Gb

I tried to take a photo to show where and how it is doing but camera not working and phone not downloading to PC since I had the PC rebooted - will try again when batteries are recharged.




I'm confused - this clematis flowers early in the year - were you expecting flowers now?

20 Jul, 2009


No - I was expecting them in March - April or around then and wondered if there was any reason why it wouldn't have flowered at that time as it seems healthy... and if there is anything I should be doing now to ensure flowers for next year?

20 Jul, 2009


i have had a armandii for about three years now only had about two flowers in that time ,dont no why.

20 Jul, 2009


I have one and it flowered profusley in early March April and as i sit here now it has 3 flowers on it?
Ive never done anything for it either, just a fluke its flowering again now i suppose. Clematisa is it a new plant as in within the last year? Maybe the garden centre cut it back at the wrong time to keep it neet (as they sometimes do) and it will flower fine next spring.

20 Jul, 2009


You don't say where it is growing, in the ground or a pot, how much light it gets, how long you've had the plant or how big it is. Hopefully its in the ground, and you have been feeding it and watering throughout the summer? And have you pruned it at all?

20 Jul, 2009


It's growing in the ground - up a climbing rose bush and there are 2 other clematis close by which usually flower in August. Its roots are shaded and its leaves are in sun - south facing.

20 Jul, 2009


If it looks perfectly healthy, and you have been feeding it, it's just taking its time - I personally have found these plants to be rather variable in their flowering, often not giving much of a show. Feed it now with Growmore or something similar, if you haven't been feeding, but don't feed again this year - it's too late in the season.

20 Jul, 2009


Have been feeding with tomarite? Should I not have?

20 Jul, 2009


It'll be okay, but stop NOW!

20 Jul, 2009


Have now managed to upload photo and also added some photos of Armandii to my garden pictures - hope this helps answer the question.

22 Jul, 2009

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