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Acer feed


By Bernard

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Do acers (in my case palmatum atropurpureum) benefit from a feed of Miracid ocaasionally?



I doubt it'd do any harm, but its not necessary - they survive perfectly well in neutral soil, have no special requirement for acid, despite the urban myth which seems to be prevailing!

20 Jul, 2009


I have never fed our Acers.

20 Jul, 2009


Given where you are living it will do no harm at all. Our soil is naturally acidic so does not need. Hum Bamboo everything I've read indicates Acers prefer a slightly acidic soil though they can survive in a neutral one

20 Jul, 2009


I know that's what people say, but neither of the "bibles" I have say that - one's RHS, one's Reader's Digest - both of which do say certain Acers aren't keen on chalky soil, but that's it.

20 Jul, 2009


Our acer is growing in a big pot and looks good and healthy. As it is in a pot it will need feeding. Would you be able to recommend a good and suitable feed for this shrub?

21 Jul, 2009


Rather than actually feeding the acer, Bernard, it might be better to knock it out of the pot every few years and replace the compost. Provided that it is not too large, of course.

21 Jul, 2009


I'd feed it with Miracle Gro general purpose, if you already use it, but not now - it's too late in the season. Alternatively, top dress with a bit of Growmore in the spring - stir it into the compost, or put it in and spread fresh compost on top, if that's possible. Otherwise phostrogen watered on. Again, don't feed till next spring.

21 Jul, 2009


Thanks for the really useful information.

21 Jul, 2009

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