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lost every tomato in the greenhouse this year,the ones outside are fine,any answers?



Did they grow, rot, shrivel up, not turn green or just not produce fruit? I decided not to shade the greenhouse this year because of lack of sun and mine are still producing fruit and turning red. Maybe your soil needs changing if you grow them in the ground (I use the ring culture method in pots with no bottoms).

2 Oct, 2012


I grow in bags but I think I didnt clean the greenhouse right.

2 Oct, 2012


You aren't alone - loads of people have commentated on the dreadful weather and lack of sun this year. I don't expect it was wrong cleaning - just bad luck.

2 Oct, 2012


Ican't give you an answer, but I had the same problem with my tomatoes. The only ones that grew well were sungold and the others that grew, either withered up before maturing or tasted awful. I did everything that I should have done , including defumigating the greenhouse early spring. Yet people all around me ( my allotment is next door to our house) grew fantastic tomatoes! Its a mystery!

3 Oct, 2012

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