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Using artificial soil for sowing seeds

Derbyshire, England Eng

Hi Guys,

What type of medium is best for starting seeds indoors,
It has suggested that I use a soilles mix rather than compost or garden soil and if so does anyone know the name of a brand , iv'e done a google search and all the products are American based so far.



You can buy 'seed and cutting compost' from just about anywhere - garden centre / DIY / supermarket. I must admit tho, I just use ordinary multi-purpose compost with just as good results. Defo don't use garden soil tho - the structure is all wrong for the purpose.

21 Jul, 2009


Same as sid I always use multi -purpose in fact I use it for everything.

21 Jul, 2009


This is an interesting question as most seeds don't really need any nutrients to get started. One of the major problems is 'damping off' which is a fungal disease carried in the compost or the water used to water them.
Because of this I start almost everything, especially expensive seeds, nowadays in vermiculite. It is clean (almost sterile), conserves moisture, and the seedlings root into it very well, making them very easy to prick out and plant on. (Obviously you can't leave them too long in just vermiculite as it's got no nutrition.)
I use shallow Greek yogurt pots as a petri dish cover fits exactly over them to keep the moisture in. I can even stack them in the propagator in the spring when space is at a premium when germinating lots of things at once.

21 Jul, 2009


John Innes Seed and Cuttings Compost.

Any garden centre does it. Small bags for about £4-£5

21 Jul, 2009

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