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Planting reeds in a lake

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We are planning on installing some new reed beds along the edge of a lake to help protect the banks.
Can you give me any suggestions on how we do this?
We can pluck some out of established areas, if necessary, and plant them in the areas we need them to grow, but how do we stop the water washing them away and protect them until they can look after themselves?

On plant Phragmites Australis



You could try putting plastic mesh infront of them a bit like a cage they use when building roads. this will stop them washing out and in time the mesh will be covered with growth..

21 Jul, 2009


I presume this will be done later in the year?

I planted Common Reed (Phragmites australis) both green and yellow striped variegated forms on one side of a lake at work and some did get washed out over winter.

Spring might be a better option. I just put the rootball into shallow water and put a couple of pieces of turf either side to hold it down.

Mesh may well work and it will soon escape the confines of the mesh as their rhizomes spread out quickly.

22 Jul, 2009

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