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Why don't tall potatoes crop well?

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I am growing potatoes for the first time, and following the advice in my 'Vegetable Expert' book, I banked them up. It did not say I had to keep doing doing this, and I now have potatoes which are about 1 metre tall. A friend who has grown lots of potaotes says I will not get a good crop because of this. Does anyone know why? Surely more leaves means more photosynthesis, more starch made , so more potatoes to store it away? Also, should I cut them down now that they've grown tall? Is this closing the stable door?



You earth up and continue to earth up potatoes so that the light does not get to the tubers and turn them green and therefore inedible. Main crop potatoes can have shaws that are a metre in height, though usually they are less - depends on the variety you are growing. Unless you've got blight or rust I'd leave well alone. Once they flowered you can harvest.

22 Jul, 2009


I agree with Moon grower, the chances are you will get a respectable crop. The argument is that if you overfeed the crop with too much nitrogen, you get more foliage than tubers. In my experience lots of foliage doesn't lead to a reduced crop, especially if this is a main crop (a 'late', rather than 'early') potato. Wait until they flower and then investigate one of them.

22 Jul, 2009

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