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Killing weeds

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What treatment can i buy that will not kill the grass and is not dangerous to dogs



How and where are you trying to kill weeds? There are 'weeds' and then there are 'WEEDS' a lot of weeds you can just pull-up , weed out: others you have to work at... more info needed

22 Jul, 2009


i dont know if there are any safe for dogs. If you are killing weeds in grass, have a look at 'weed and feed' it will tell you if it is suitable.
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22 Jul, 2009


we use Verdonne think thats how its spelt on our grass it says pet friendly!!
its a liquid form
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23 Jul, 2009


Verdone is probably your best bet, as Mookins says - once it's dry, it's safe to let kids, dogs and cats back onto the grass. Don't use the granular ones - not suitable where there's pets and children.

23 Jul, 2009


the weeds will go crispy to start with then after a while black (sounds like my cooking)
they will rot away and leave a lil patch which soon reheals. I also use a little for "spotting" when I see them appearing but dont overuse

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23 Jul, 2009

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