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Why doesnt my agapanthus flower


By Perry

United Kingdom Gb

I've an agapanthus in a 14" diameter pot. It is 3 years old, and has had very healthy foliage each year, but has never flowered. I feed it, and it is positioned in a sheltered but sunny spot in the garden. I'm wondering if I should move it into the garden. Thank you!



One thing Agapanthus do well with is root restriction. They will flower happily if the container they are in is tight. I suspect yours will flower eventually once it fills the pot with roots. High potash fertilizer helps too now and again though too late for this years flowers.

22 Jul, 2009


Thanks, I'll leave it where it is and cross fingers for next year then.

22 Jul, 2009


In theory, Fractal is right but it hasn't been my experience at all - a mean flowered one that I shoved in the border then flowered profusely the next year and for the remaining 4 years I continued to live there. This experience has been repeated - I find they do well in the ground, not so well in pots. Maybe it's just me...

23 Jul, 2009


Flower buds form in the autumn so it is important to ensure they dont dry out and to give a potash feed at this time. Tomato food or the like. This may help.

23 Jul, 2009


Thank you for your advice - i'll let you know how I get on.

23 Jul, 2009

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