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My nasturtiums have already started self seeding; will the seedlings survive the winter ?




Not really. Even if we have a mild winter again, it will be very leggy and pale and battered looking from the winter light and weather. By spring it will look too awful to be useful in the garden, IMHO, as it will be stressed and never look vigorous again.

3 Oct, 2012


I agree with Kildermorie start again next year.

3 Oct, 2012


I find that there are plenty of seeds that will survive over winter and any of the seedlings that are growing now will die. I havent bought any fresh seed for the last 10 yrs and i always have to 'weed out' many plants from April onwards.

4 Oct, 2012


I find the same as Seaburngirl with my trailing nasturtiums. After the frosts kill the plants I just pull them up and there are enough seeds self-seeded and surviving that come again next year. The plants may get a bit less vigorous over the years but they do survive.

4 Oct, 2012


Yes, they will survive and sprout in Spring. You may end up with far too many! Also, they tend to revert back to the plain orange flowers. Still, they are free!

5 Oct, 2012

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