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By Rhodea

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does anone know if you can grow a moss plant indorrs in the Winter successfully? ...and is pearl wort a mossy plant?I wanted to buy one and keep it in the house.I like moss.



I've never heard of anyone trying to grow moss indoors, would think it unlikely as they like cool damp places. Pearl wort is not a moss but an invasive weed, well so is moss in my view, see I doubt you will find one to buy anywhere

23 Jul, 2009


pearlwort dies back in the autumn too. it self seeds in areas of my garden [sadly]
moss will survive but you need to keep it moist as i doesnt have a root system. it is a very primitive plant form really.
what ever you do please dont take moss plants from the wild. they are very important in the environment.

23 Jul, 2009


I just want to second what Seaburngirl said about not taking moss from the wild - this will have a damaging effect on the environment.

23 Jul, 2009


Maybe I can buy Irish moss seeds and plant it in a terrarium???

23 Jul, 2009

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