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Why is my eryngium a shrivelled yellow disgrace?

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I had an eryngium for my birthday this spring and was assured that it would thrive. However, as time has gone on it seems to have given up the will to live. Can I revive it?



Sounds like a water problem - I hope its in the ground, not in a pot - they need deepish soil to thrive. You might find it comes back next year but in the meantime, keep it watered, put in the ground if its not already (when I say keep it watered - it'd be difficult not to right now - it's lashing the windows here again as I type)

23 Jul, 2009


Thanks Bamboo
It's in the ground and very well watered in! Maybe I let it get dried out when I first had it. It is in semi shade - does it need full sun?

23 Jul, 2009


It does like a fair amount of sun, usually leans forward groping for the light in shade. It's got a sort of tap root for surviving in hot, dry areas, so yes, it's a sun lover.

23 Jul, 2009

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