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How can I rejuvinate a sparce Holly hedge?


By Jam

United Kingdom Gb

My Holly hedge is very gappy in places and doesn't seem to have any growth (leaves or hight) on a 8 meter section. Any help in how to produce a denser, higher hedge would be much appreciated.



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23 Jul, 2009


Maybe tip prune and give it some nitrogen fertliser in spring?

24 Jul, 2009


Is this part of the hedge getting different amounts of light or water than the rest? You really need to determine why it is growing like it is to be able to know how to tackle it. Is there a tree or something bloking it's light? If so it will always be more spindly as it will put all it's energy in sending stems out in search of light. It will need pruning regularly to thicken it up.

24 Jul, 2009

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