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camelia losing its leaves

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I have a camelia bush in a planter which was re potted a couple of years ago and has flourished since until now. This summer there were hardly any flowers and the leaves have been dropping off quite rapidly - leaving me with a very sparse bush with lots of empty twigs. Some of these "twigs" have new shoots on the ends. I have fed the plant and kept it well watered. Any ideas as to what has caused this shedding of so many leaves?



Was it sitting in full sun when you had the heat wave? Possibly baked the roots, especially if it is a plastic planter. It is the usual problem trees and shrubs prefer to have their feet in the actual soil rather than in a tub. It can be done but you have to be very vigilant and make sure they don't dry out or get their rots over heated.

24 Jul, 2009

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