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is there a partictular syrup i can buy to help bees survive.


By Ellieni

United Kingdom Gb

I used to smear honey on my garden walls, but have read since, that if it is foreign it could infect bees with a virus. how can i help them , build up their strength, and live through the wet summer.



I have read that sugar dissolved in water to form a syrup can help....

24 Jul, 2009


buy lots of native and unnative flowers so they can help themselves i guess

25 Jul, 2009


see this site ~you can email them.~I joined last year~think it's about £20 per annum.;

Bumblebee Conservation Trust
School of Biological & Environmental Sciences
University of Stirling
United Kingdom

No phone number? As a small team we find that it's generally more efficient to answer enquiries by email. However, if you'd prefer to speak to someone then send us an email and ask - we'll happily give you a ring at your convenience.


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bumblebee identification: Please visit the BeeWatch pages

25 Jul, 2009


cool thats that sorted thanx arlene

25 Jul, 2009

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