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When is the right time to prune a prunus nigra?

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We have a prunus nigra growing in the garden, grown from a sapling (5ft high) a couple of years ago and is now 12 ft high. We want to lop the lowest branches off but don't know when the right time is to do that. Any advice appreciated.

Other info that might be of use: the top 3rd of the tree gets sunlight all day, but the lower parts on get direct sunlight for part of the morning. It is in full leaf at the moment, and has fruited. Where we live rarely gets any real frost (Portsmouth, UK) due to Portsmouth's island nature.

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The only time NOT to prune is in the dormant season (winter, early spring) as all prunus run the risk of infection from silver leaf and other fungal infections if pruned then. I'd say early autumn would be a good time, but there's no real reason you couldn't do it immediately as that would give the tree the chance to heal wounds and continue to make growth.

25 Jul, 2009


As an addition Bertie, I agree in all but would advocate immediately after flowering (March/April).

25 Jul, 2009


Isn't March and April when the heavy snows start in the UK? : ]

26 Jul, 2009

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