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Leafy verbenas!


By Irene99

United Kingdom Gb

Why do I not have any flowers on my verbena plants. I grew them from seed and they have lots of lovely leaves but no flowers! How come?



Which Verbenas are they? E,g, bedding ones, or V. bonariensis ? Could you give us some more info please?

25 Jul, 2009


I think they are bedding ones - the seed packet says verbena hybrid mixed. I bought them in Fuerteventura last year.

25 Jul, 2009


You haven't fed them too much, have you? That may have encouraged leaf growth at the expense of flowers. Just a thought. Or possibly they need more light? I'm clutching at straws, here.

25 Jul, 2009


I haven't fed them and they are outside in the sunshine. I did notice today though that one of the plants has a flower bud on it, so maybe they are a late flowering variety!

25 Jul, 2009


That's good! You could have answered your own question! I hope they thrive for you now. :-)

25 Jul, 2009

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