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how do i care for an orchid plant


By Jacki

United Kingdom Gb

i keep it in my kitchen

On plant Phalaenopsis



It will thrive in a warm light place, but not in direct sunshine. Water it sparingly, and feed it about once a month, not more. Never let the roots stand in water - they'll rot!

Once the last flower has fallen off, cut the stem back to just above the bottom node - that's the little flap you will see on the stem.

New stems will either grow from there, or from between the leaves.

Good luck with it - and enjoy it!

25 Jul, 2009


They like being sprayed they prefere rain water and like having even light but not direct sun light like Spritzhenry said also they love being with other plants any plants gives them the atmosphere.

25 Jul, 2009


Hi Jacki...Those 2 know what their talking about!
I know nowt about orchids but was given one, bought in a supermarket, a good year ago & it hasn't stopped flowering since.
It's in the south-facing kitchen window sill which is sheltered so not in direct sunlight.
I water it when it's getting dry, feed it when I remember (not frequent) & take off the dead flowers.
It lives next to a cyclamen & an hibiscus who are all flowering their heads off!

25 Jul, 2009


i have some orcids, which i keep on the window sill, they get tye late cooler sun, My mother used tomato food for her orcids, but i find orcid food very good and i follow the instructions on tye tub

26 Jul, 2009


try the sunset book

10 Aug, 2009

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