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I've gone off this blog...


By Fluff

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Evening all...just wondering...what does 'I've gone off this blog' mean?
Is it' I don't think I liked this blog anyway'??!!
Or...have you just clicked on 'stop following?!!

By the way...the sun is shining, the wind has dropped, the temp is warm...but the garden still looks like s***e.

Tomorrow is clear up day....



I think you will just not be notified of any further comments on that blog.Not sure if your avatar is removed from the 'members who like this blog' column though.

25 Jul, 2009


Good question Fluff,i was also wondering what that meant,and over here weather very cloudy about to rain not overly warm,and some of my plants also look like s***e Lol

25 Jul, 2009


It Means 'I don't like this blog any more' only click if you suddenly don't like the blog!

25 Jul, 2009


It's a bit rude though isn't it? To go off someone's blog? I wouldn't dare click it!

25 Jul, 2009


Yeah I think it's a bit harsh! I just thought it meant you had clicked on 'stop following' ....I saw one blog with 5 ' I don't likes' somewhere.

25 Jul, 2009


I think some of them may be mistakes like the flag one-hope so anyway :)
ps sorry just saw that they were all on one blog-mmh

25 Jul, 2009


When you click on "I like this blog" or "I like this photo" your avatar photo appears under people who like this blog etc. The "I like this blog" thingy at the top will change to "I've gone off this blog". If you click it, it will take your photo off the "people who like this blog" list. It won't affect your list of things you are following.

26 Jul, 2009


Either my vision is worse than I thought, or my brain's seized up - where is this "I don't like this blog"? Are you saying it's an option you can click on? I can't find it anywhere in the blogs I've checked.

26 Jul, 2009


Bamboo...Go into a 'I like this blog', go out & back into same blog & it's changed to' I don't like this blog'.
Thanks for the tip Gilli!!

26 Jul, 2009


Really, well I never noticed that before. Thanks for the info - must avoid clicking on it at all costs - I might not agree with everything people say, but I defend to the death their right to say it.

26 Jul, 2009


Yes I seems an unnecessary feature...why would you need to tell the blogger you didn't like it any more? I really did see 5 the other day on one blog...unless I'd had one vodka too many...I'll try & find it again.

26 Jul, 2009 I read was 5 next to a smiley face which meant 5 people like this blog...& next to that was the option to click I don't like this blog & I read it wrong. I saw it on Usernut's blog on 23rd July re the cats.

26 Jul, 2009

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