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Cornus Kousa 'China Lady'

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I have one of these but it always looks so sad all through the summer after the white flowers(bracts?) are over. The leaves all hang down and it looks as if it could die. I saw some lovely ones at the Chelsea Show this year although I don't know whether they were China Lady. Does anyone know why mine might be so unhappy please?



Might be that particular variety, I don't know that particular one. Bear in mind most plants, particularly woody ones, look pretty rough after they've flowered - they usually recover after 4-6 weeks. C. kousa likes neutral to acid soil, sun or light shade - if yours continues to grow and flower, there can't be much wrong with it.

26 Jul, 2009


If it is short of moisture at the root, the leaves may hang a bit too. Keep it watered in dry spells and see if this improves the look of it

26 Jul, 2009


Thanks Bamboo,
I think I will move it. It may be the soil, although it's fairly neutral, but it might prefer light shade to full sun. It hasn't grown much in 3 years, still less than 5ft tall so I think I could move it successfully.
Thanks Andrew, Maybe I haven't watered it enough. I tend to water the flowers and veg and leave the trees to fend for themselves, which they mostly do.

26 Jul, 2009

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