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Pruning Box hedge


By Pip_c

Southern Sydney, NSW, Australia Au

Are there any special techniques/requirements for pruning Buxus sempervirens [English Box]?



I just snip off the long new growth back to a height that I'm happy with.

I have some growing as a low hedge that gets trimmed back to the same height twice a year.

I also have several topiary shapes I am playing with, these also get trimmed at least twice a year.

A good tip though, if they are in a pot, sit the pot on an old blanket/sheet as the clippings go everywhere.

26 Jul, 2009


Try to avoid doing it in the mid day sun or any dry hot periods. leave it till evenings, when suns decending, or early early mornings before the heat of the sun bears down!
This helps to lower the risk of the leaves gettting scorched and you having brown edges on them. Also once cut i tend to hose down the hedge too

26 Jul, 2009


Box prefers being clipped on a dull day, and May is usually a good time. Which reminds me, I've not done mine this year and the shape has gone from the knot, which looks very blurred and untidy.

I use electric hedge trimmers! Ouch...but an awful lot easier on the back and knees!

27 Jul, 2009


Topiay shears are good too, basically like sheep shearing shears!

29 Jul, 2009


Some say that you should prune box on Derby Day.

1 Aug, 2009


Thanks for your comments everyone, were most helpful

9 Oct, 2009

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