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By Goldie1

United Kingdom Gb

I did post two Pix of the beech but don't know where the pix of the whole tree went...........
Thank you all for your replies, seem's my Cherry tree has been masquerading as a Copper Beech all these years.
yes it does have blossom every year and is in fact the first one of my tree's to do so every year. I will still try to get a Cherry if I can tomorrow just to confirm what had been suggested
Cheers Gold




Did you notice blossom on this tree in the Spring? And Beech trees produce a sort of nut, with a slightly hairy/prickly case, not anything resembling cherries. You can only upload one picture with a question - others have to be put in your photos section, by the way.

26 Jul, 2009


Goldie I think you have to accept you have a red leaved cherry tree not a copper beech

26 Jul, 2009


If its any comfort, last year I went to an elderly couple's garden, where they had a beautiful example of a Cornus kousa, which was in full flower at the time, but they kept telling me they didn't want me to cut the lilac - I was mystified, there wasn't a lilac anywhere - turned out they meant the Cornus, which had been in the garden when they moved in and someone had told them it was a lilac, and they'd believed it unquestioningly for 15 years!

26 Jul, 2009


Re: Bamboos comment...........Well I certainly feel rather foolish as this tree has been in my garden about coming up 30 years.but can honestly say this is the very first time fruit has been noticed on it......
But as the fruit is as dark a colour as the leaves maybe the fruit has just not been noticed before..........Oh Well you learn something every day :0)

26 Jul, 2009


Goldie - it is beautiful tree never mind that it is a cherry not a beech... just enjoy its presence in your garden

26 Jul, 2009


Oh I do love it Moon Grower....In fact I enjoy all the shrubs in my Garden it just need someone with a bit of know-how and a strong back to organise it all now.

26 Jul, 2009

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