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Is the Purple plum tree cherry edible?


By Pauld

United Kingdom Gb

We have just realised that the tree in our garden is not what we though it was as it fruited this year for the first time that we have been in the house (5 years). It is quite old we think about 30 years. Is the fruit edible and why does it not fruit every year or have we just not noticed as the fruit is purple the same as the leaves? We have a plant guide and evrything appears to match the description and pictures.

On plant Prunus cerasifera 'Nigra'?



Yes, if it is Prunus cerasifera, the fruit of this species is quite edible being mainly eaten in some East European countries and in Italy. There are even a few cultivars that are grown specifically for their fruit in the Eukraine and now available over here. I have eaten the fruits of the purple leaved form in Italy and they were delicious, about the same as a Victoria plum.

26 Jul, 2009


Thanks for the confirmation.

We are in a village in Lincs and there are a few of these trees which are quite mature. I am amazed at how the fruit is hidden until you actually look for them.

Were they fashionable in the 70s?

28 Jul, 2009


We live in Cheshire and have just discovered plums on our tree too. Its a mature tree and has never bore fruit in the 6 years we have lived here. Must've been a favourable year for fruit!

10 Aug, 2009


I'm in a village in Lincs also and have just noticed fruit on my trees too. I have both the nigra and the green leaf varieties and they both have fruit on them. I've been living here for just under a year. The trees were completely strangled by ivy when I moved here but my partner managed to remove it. They look like pretty old trees and are beautiful.

21 May, 2017

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