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why have my tomtoes got no seeds firline

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i saved the seeds from last years toms;

On plant FIRLINE



Hi MJ and welcome to GoY. If you mean Ferline tomatoes they are an FI hybrid and this means you will not get true seed from them take a look at for a complete explanation

27 Jul, 2009


Oh dear ! and I was planning to save Ferline seeds this year .Only ten seeds for £2.95 ! Last year they were the only ones I grew that missed the blight.

Thankyou Moon grower for putting me right. I too will take a look at 'the seed site'

28 Jul, 2009


The reason that F1 hybrids are so expensive is that you can't 'grow them on' The cross has to be made each time to produce that specific hybrid

28 Jul, 2009

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