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had a question about a tree/shrub which I found growing in the the edge of a clearing with golden yellow bark in winter/spring. found a photo I took in spring of the blossom...hoping someone can recognize it.




I did see your previous question but didn't know what it was - I still don't but want to follow this to find out if anyone does. Its very pretty.

6 Oct, 2012


It took some looking... when I was ready to give up I thought about the fact that the flowers are not a common type/shape. So I tried searching white/yellow no petals...and eureka!
The plant is a shrub which will grow to about 3's flowers are scented and produce a drupe.
Although there is no mention of the golden yellow bark (spring time) it is commonly called "rope bark"..also Leatherwood and moosewood. Dirca pelustris, wicopy, dirca des marais, jiibegob (Ojibway). It is not common, in fact it's rare this far east. deer like the buds in maybe that's why I didn't see any fruit. The wood is brittle but the bark can be used as cordage. It's very tough and have seen pics of branches tied into knots! next spring I plan to take some cuttings and try to propagate a few specimens.
Thanks for your interest Cammomile and Volunteer!

7 Oct, 2012


Well done, that's a new one on me. I looked it up and it needs rich fertile woodland soil and has toxic leaves calcium oxalate (although it doesn't seem to do deer much harm).

7 Oct, 2012


Good sturdy trees you have in your Woodlot Lori. Glad you found the name of this shrub/tree. Hope your rainfall is more normal now and winter not sliding in to early.

7 Oct, 2012


What interesting flowers! They are the sort that non-plantaholics just walk straight past without noticing!

8 Oct, 2012


Thanks for your interest, everyone. Now I can go get some housework done! between the Dirca and the fungi I'm spending a lot of time online!

9 Oct, 2012 are so right, Volunteer. I'm a plantaholic... never enough. It was as if the Dirca was sitting there in the bright spring sun...willing me to look it's way. It is such a gorgeous could anyone miss it?

9 Oct, 2012


I often ask hubby to slow down in the car so I can see what a roadside plant is!!

10 Oct, 2012


LOL...yeeessss.....been there...done that! hahahaha...It's worst when I'm driving...and I plant on the hub's what??? he says. lol...

13 Oct, 2012

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