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What's happening to my Aser?

WALES, United Kingdom Gb

The leaves on my Aser are turning brown and sem to be drying up.

What am I doing wrong?




That's usually caused by sunburn - they don't like hot midday sun, prefer shade from 11 till 3. Thing that puzzles me is, we've not been having much sun here in London for the last 2/3 weeks - is it possible that the leaves were wet when the sun came out? That would cause scorching of the leaves like this, or it could be windburn. Needs a more sheltered spot, either way.

27 Jul, 2009


I'd say wind burn rather than sunburn, if it has been as windy in Wales as it has here you're lucky your acer has an leaves left at all!

27 Jul, 2009


Thanks both. It's been very windy and now you've said that,it's going to be moved rapidly.

Guess it's windburn as the weather the past few weeks has led me to believe that Bridgend is twinned with a nimbus cloud and NOT some swanky French town!!

27 Jul, 2009


As it is in a container you also need to make sure it is getting enough water - even if there is rain!

27 Jul, 2009


That happens to my acer too on occasion, and I live not that far away from you.......I put mine down to wind burn as it doesn't usually get the sun on it until about 4pm each day.

27 Jul, 2009


Hi Goldie & welcome to GoY - seems strange saying that as I only joined myself the day before you!!

Learning lots as I look around this site and read other people's blogs and questions/answers - good stuff!

Anyway, had a couple of hours out the garden this evening and planted the buddleia in the woodland section and have moved the Aser to a sheltered spot between back of GH and fence - fingers crossed!

Windburn....who'd have thought but I'm learning!

27 Jul, 2009


my acer got windburnt but tis perked right back up now, its against an east facing wall in a sheltered garden I was wondering if it would stand being dug up and placed in a pot .. its very small ?

27 Jul, 2009


Crookedwindow, if your acer is happy where it is I wouldn't move. Each time you dig up a tree or shrub it stresses it.

28 Jul, 2009

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