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Can I keep my buddleia in a pot?

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

I have just been given one and wonder if it will do ok if I transfer to a bigger pot and keep it in that one

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I wouldn't recommend it - it will grow very poorly in a pot. There's a dwarf version that will, but if you've been given this one, find a sunny spot in the garden - bear in mind that you will be cutting it down to bare wood in the early spring time, 2 inches above old wood, so the space it grows in will only be full from about mid June on - it can grow 10/12 feet in a year. It will grow in half sun half shade, but if the flowers are in the sun, you get more visiting butterflies and bees!

27 Jul, 2009


I have some budlia in pots but they do get a bit stringy. Make sure it's a big pot and you cut it back hard each year. Great for attracting butterflies in the garden - you can move it to where you want the butterflies!

27 Jul, 2009


Not ideal to keep in a pot - likes to get its roots down well into the soil...

27 Jul, 2009


Thanks for all your help.

27 Jul, 2009

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