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Growing by the moon

Moray, Scotland Sco

Hi All

This isn't a question, just to let you know I've finally posted another blog on growing by the moon... sorry it has taken so long!




Just a comment, that it's funny how in the UK this is regarded as something that's a bit odd and superstitious. Here in rural France, everyone sows seeds and plants tubers according to the phases of the moon. If you don't they think you just don't know what you are doing. I've lost count of the number of times neighbours have told me I have sown or planted at entirely the wrong time.
As they've been doing this for generations, with great success, I have completely abandoned my scepticism and now whenever possible follow their advice. It seems to work!

1 Aug, 2009


Hi Bertie, yes it does work and is how folk used to grow their food until farming became 'agri-business' with chemicals to kill this that and the next thing and artificial fertilizer to make things grown when the soil was drained on nutriment. How anyone can imagine that growing the same crop on the same piece of land year in year out is healthy I honestly don't understand! The author of the book 'Growing by the Moon' is French and has been growing this way for over 30 years now. If you send me a PM with your address I post a copy of the 2010 edition to you in mid September.

1 Aug, 2009


Thankyou for the list of poisonous plants, I have gone through some of them in the gardening encyclopedia, and not found the plants in my garden. I was looking at your pictures of growing by the moon. my grandfather used to run his farm by the moon, seasons and the weather, my grandmother and my father used to grow vegetables like this and we have done a few times. It is so much fun and harmony can be found in this way too. Bless You and Thank you for your help.

13 Sep, 2009


Hi Bluegalpin

The only thing I object to with growing by the moon is not being able to do something on a sunny day if it isn't the 'right' day.... that and having to do something on a wet day because it is the 'right' day. Still it all seems to work out in the end.

13 Sep, 2009

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