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Co. Durham, England Eng

Given to me by a neighbour as a palm sized piece of groundcover plant years ago. Tight mass of foliage. Flower stalks 4"-6". Flowers, pink. just finished flowering.




Looks like a Saxifrage to me Stjohntongue (where did the name come from...yours i mean?)

28 Jul, 2009


Read his 'About Me' for an explanation of the name Sewingkilla I'll leave B to give a formal i.d. on the saxifrage. Looks like there is a bit of sempervivum in it too!

28 Jul, 2009


'Could' be a mossy saxifrage but I'm not sure. Pity you didn't photograph it earlier with a flower?
The one in front of your index finger is a houseleek but I don't suppose you mean that.
Why don't you search for 'saxifrage' in the Garden Pictures section of GoY and tell us if any of these look like your plant?

28 Jul, 2009


Oooooooh i see!!! very clever :o)

28 Jul, 2009


Yes a mossy saxifraga....think I id'd this for someone else today...:))

28 Jul, 2009


Thanx for the feedback everyone. I've found another of my photos with a flower on it, so I'll post the question again with the new photo.
ps. I'm not doubting anyone, this is only for clarification. ;-)

29 Jul, 2009


mossy saxifrage is what it is!
p.s. Didn't mean the houseleek ;-)

30 Jul, 2009

How do I say thanks?

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