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This flower is growing in a tub - but what is it?

South Lanark, United Kingdom Gb

I don't remember planting this but perhaps it was one I planted last year that has survived the frost? Is it a perrennial?




The pink one? is it a trailing Geranium? cant quite see the leaf from the photo

28 Jul, 2009


I think you are right Sewingkilla

28 Jul, 2009


Now my eyesight is not my best feature...even with my specs on, lol....but I thought it looked a bit like a Diasica? Some of mine survived last winter and surprised me by flowering again this year.

28 Jul, 2009


Must be my eyesight - but the leaves don't look big enough for a geranium.
Could it be one of theDiascias or Nemesias - one of the coral ones?
They can overwinter - I have had both do so - much to my surprise - in the cold north east of Scotland!!

28 Jul, 2009


I did have diascia in tubs last year but they didn't do ver well - maybe this is a rogue on from last year that never flowered? Could that happen?
Not a geranium leaf - I do have lots of geraniums (Cranesbills and Pelargoniums) but none in this tub and I never bought / propagated or sowed any with that colour of flower...

28 Jul, 2009


It looks very much like my Diascia 'apricot' (on my photo's with the phormium) They like a very sunny spot Clematisa,are treated as an annual but may come back in milder regions.Or maybe your winter wasn't too severe :)

28 Jul, 2009


i'd also say diascia but dont know which one.

they are meant to be hardy, though i have never been able to kepp them.

28 Jul, 2009


I agree with Di and the others....a diascia....a neighbour has this one and it is as tough as old boots....I've been meaning to pinch a bit:)))

28 Jul, 2009


This one is growing in a stone tub and in a very sheltered position but it does get plenty of sun - so maybe that has suited it!

29 Jul, 2009

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